At this time, unfortunately, there are no additional Level 1 trainings scheduled. This AAP Trauma and Resilience ECHO program has been funded by an educational grant from SAMHSA and it is our greatest desire to continue with ECHO trainings, if additional funding becomes available. In the case of trainings being resumed and your interest in being placed on a waiting list, kindly complete the following Interest Form. We will reach out to you if/when additional trainings will be offered. Thank you for you understanding.


In partnership with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Massachusetts (UMass), the AAP is implementing a national Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) program for trauma and resilience.

The AAP Trauma and Resilience ECHO serves as a forum for health care professionals to learn and improve the identification, care, management and outcomes of traumatized children and their families in pediatric settings. This program uses the ECHO modelTM, a tele-mentoring hub and spoke platform that leverages video conference technology to bring together specialty care providers at academic medical centers (hub) and primary providers in local communities (spokes).

A total of six sessions will be held every other week for one hour and will take place via Zoom video conference. This program will be offered multiple times from April 2018 to March 2021. To best utilize the ECHO model, each session will be limited to a maximum of twenty participants. If you are not placed in the upcoming group we will place you on a waiting list for future groups. Each ECHO session includes a brief lecture by a national expert, followed by in-depth, practice-based, de-identified case presentations for discussion and problem-solving guidance. The 6 sessions will focus on:

Session 1: Introduction and Overview of ACEs

Session 2: Physiology of Trauma

Session 3: Family Engagement and Identification of Trauma Concerns

Session 4: Resilience Promotion

Session 5: The How To: What to Say and Do in The Office

Session 6: You Already Do This: How to Incorporate Care Into Your Everyday Practice

Participants are strongly encouraged to attend the virtual sessions regularly, so that we may build a learning community. While we invite individual pediatricians to participate, we encourage you to bring a small team of interested providers and staff. Because of the nature of the training, it is best that you form your teams prior to the beginning of the first session. You will not be able to add additional team members after the second session has occurred. Only one person per team should fill out the interest form--this person will be identified as the team lead. The team lead completing this form should be an AAP member and a physician practicing within the US with an MD/DO degree. As the team lead, you are encouraged but not required to recruit up to 8 team members from the same practice to participate with you during the ECHO program.

Please complete this brief survey to help us learn more about you, your practice and your interest in this course. Participants are expected to complete several surveys as part of the course requirements for this federally funded training. Thank you!

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